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Get started with Love Science Courses

Uncover the Science of all things about Love & Romance

Who is Love Science for?

Love Science is for everyone 18 and older! Whether you're in a relationship or just dating or need an extra push to get out and date, you’ll find a course or lesson that suits your needs.

What topics does Love Science cover?

We try our best to cover everything you need to know as a Love Science Student. Our courses offer everything you need to know, from understanding human sexuality to sustaining a life-long relationship. 

Why should I purchase it?

Knowledge is power, and we're here to share it! Take advantage of our educational content that you won't find anywhere else on the planet, from the basics of human love to the advanced. We are the worldwide leader in the science of human love.

How do these courses work?

Through entertaining, well-researched material within vivid animated videos that you can digitally download as zip files, you will learn everything there is to know about human love. 

Is learning Love Science helpful for singles?

You bet! It will help you thoroughly navigate through all the ups and downs in dating and finding the right partner for you.  

How does it help you deal with complicated relationships?

We teach you the differences between the sexes and the many problems that can be fixed in any complicated relationship. For example, communication is a big problem in most relationships. We teach you why it happens and how to fix it completely.


Meet Professor Vooschwig

Professor Vooschwig is an animated talking Professor created by Love Science Global. He is funny and sometimes obnoxious, but we all love him. His job is to introduce you to each lesson, set you up with homework, and announce when each class and the course are over.

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